Always take time to reflect and find the positive!

Working can be a chore to some people. Boring tasks, rude colleagues and disrespectful employers can make a person’s work life an absolute misery!

I have worked in many jobs, from family business’s which I loved, to veterinary nursing, childcare, and events management and all of them thankfully shaped me for my future. I learned many skills in these jobs but was sometimes challenged by others which made it less enjoyable!

I love keeping the peace and never really felt confident enough to stand up for myself until one day in a particular job I was pushed over the edge! So much so I walked away from this role because I couldn’t handle to negativity anymore. That’s scenario made me find other alternatives which lead me to my current business, so im very thankful!

It took me some time to find a positive reason for this but now looking back on that time, it was a blessing.

If your unhappy with your current job and would like to be surrounded with positive and uplifting people then you have come to the right place! We are exactly that!

Sometimes hard times can be rough, but often they can be a blessing in disguise.

I heard once that we are challenged and pushed in order to make better choices and it often can be the universes way of pointing you in a different direction!