So I’m expecting my first baby! How exciting, scary and emotional!

I have always wanted to be a mum! But always wanted to have a secure income beforehand and thankfully this business has given me so much safety and security knowing I can be the best mum and work from home to care for my baby. Best of all; be there for every little step along the way and not have to rely on childcare or have a boss telling me when I can or can’t work.

Outside of wanting to be a mum; I always wanted to travel! And this year we got to go to South Africa, Calcutta, UK, Greece and the Canary Islands and every summer I get to spend quality time with my family on the west coast of Ireland in a small place called Kilkee.

My family have been visiting Kilkee for over 40 years and have claimed it as their second home. I have been lucky enough to spend many summers here with friends, cousins and grandparents to create unforgettable and special memories.

This summer is my last summer before I become a Mom so it has been extra special for me to be on the coast to chill out, relax and enjoy the last few months before our baby arrives.

I have been lucky enough to also purchase a JetSki! Mad I know but I have always wanted one and this year I decided to get one so my fiancé and my brother and sisters can have fun on the water! While they are out jumping waves, I’m chilling on the steps chatting with friends and drinking lots and lots of tea and putting my new camera to good use!

Summer time for me is a time to reflect and take some time to chill with loved ones. We all need time to switch off and this business model allows us to do just that. I have been able to take so much time off this year and not have to worry about getting paid. It has enabled me to work part time hours and get paid full time. Love it!

Money isn’t everything, but it sure does help create some good and fun times!