Having fun is all part of the job!

Every month we head to our monthly conventions to reward our team for their growth and progress. No matter how little or big the growth is; we recognise them all! We feel it’s so important to give everyone the pat on the back they deserve for each milestone the reach along their new business journey. That may be for generating their first €300 bonus, for stepping outside their comfort zone, for telling their story, or for reaching our bigger incentives like our 5 star global trips. Whatever it is; we give the praise!

Normally in jobs we are recognised for being late, or being sick or not doing something! We do the opposite – we thrive on positive recognition and growth instead. I’m sure you agree this is a much nicer environment to work in

This month we had a road trip to Galway, Limerick and Dublin and soon we are off to the UK to spend some time with our leading business owners for 2 days.

Our Dublin road trip tends to be once a month on a Saturday. We leave limerick about 7.30am and head off in our car pool for the 2 hour drive. Excited to meet our other Irish teams and have a fun filled day of music, learning, recognition and motivation. Sometimes I speak at these events, and sometimes I am in the crowd like everyone else; soaking up the atmosphere and absorbing the storied of some inspiring people who are building fantastic business’s like us.

The two hour journey flies when a few of us travel together. We laugh, cry, and inspire each other to become more!

When I get home after this packed day, I always take some time out on my own to chill, reflect and absorb the entire day. The stories can be very inspiring and emotional and sometimes it can be over whelming to see how our company is heling changes thousands of lives every year.

When you feel overwhelmed; go to a place that makes you feel calm.

For me its by the water, or on a mountain or just anywhere that has a big open space an fresh air.

Take some time to chill, you Need it!