Amy is not just a Reflexology therapist. She is so much more than that. Her knowledge and passion far out weights any of the other practitioners I have been to. She is very pro-active in her approach and gives clients 100%.

When you come here for Fertility Reflexology you are getting much more than a foot rub!!!

You are making a true friend and a trustworthy practitioner to guide and support you in the long run! 

I have no doubt that Amy’s treatments, fertility programme, nutrition advice and her constant support has got me through my fertility struggles. 

Amy has been practising, exploring and researching different forms of Reflexology & Holistic Healthcare since 2009.

She has attended 100’s of trainings & lectures to date in a number of different modalities & is passionate about all aspects of female health. She owns & manages Inner Balance Holistic Centre which is based in Co. Limerick.


As a mum, sister and woman I have seen first hand how our body, mind and overall health affects our hormones and our ability to conceive and have a positive pregnancy experience.

I was diagnosed with low AMH (egg reserve) at the age of 27 during a routine check with my gyny. She informed me that my egg reserve was that of an “older woman” and that I need to start planning for a baby asap due to the potential of Premature Ovarian Failiure. This came as a shock to me because I was planning to wait another little while to have children while I focused on my career & travel.

Myself and my partner didnt need to think twice because we were  already in a long term relationship and have lots of support around us. 

My fertility challenge isn’t the worst case I know. I am now blessed with two kids but it is still a diagnoses that no young woman wants to face and of course, it is always on the back of my mind and I wonder if down the line will I be able to conceive again! So I made the decision to take my health into my own hands and make a conscious effort to improve the quality of my eggs and overall hormonal health which enabled me to conveive both my children very quickly and easily. 

This  led me down the route of  learning about Natural Fertility Support and Hormonal Health. I have spent thousands learning and expanding my knowledge along with countless hours reading, watching and listening to fertility/hormone experts talk about the female body and how our daily choices influence our health & mind.

So if you are looking for ways to support/enhance your Fertility Body & Mind, then I may be able to help you. Best thing to do is get in touch and we can take it from there! 

“The initial consult is 2 hours and this gives me and my new client a chance to get to know each other. I ask multiple questions about all aspects of Health, Diet, Lifestyle, Fertility Testing to date, Menstrual Cycle etc. I also do an assesment on the feet to see how the feel/look and to explain how Reflexology and my Fertility Support Plan can help. I then treat my clients using a specialised range of techniques for each stage of their fertility. It is advised that couples come seperately and that each person commits to consecutive treatments for best results. I encourage people to book in 3-4 month in advance so that we have time to create a more Fertile Body and Mind”


Owner & Fertility Reflexologist


There are a huge number of benefits with reflexology,. Most common ones include:

  • Induces a state of deep relaxation by opening neural pathways
  • A full session stimulates more than 7,000 nerves, encouraging the opening and cleansing of neural pathways
  • Increases circulation, improving blood flow throughout the body
  • Stimulates the central nervous system to calm/balance the body
  • Stimulates energy work throughout the body to release emotions
  • Balances the whole system thus revitalising the body’s natural energy flow
  • Improves/balances the body to promote fertility & hormone balance
  • Increase blood flow to Uterus/Ovaries etc to support balance
  • Reduces sadness, fear and the emotions that arise during fertility care
  • Can support Ovulation and the menstrual cycle
  • Reduced PMS / Pain with PCOS and menstrual cycle issues
  • Helps couples to feel Aligned and create a balanced Body and Mind to create “space” for a baby. 
  • And so on
“I have had really bad periods and irregular cycles for many months after coming off the pill. We wanted to start a family but it was proving to be a little more challenging than we expected. I phoned Amy to chat to her about ways I could improve my fertility and she suggested I come see her so I did. It was one of the best things I have ever done. Not only did she give me the most relaxing reflexology treatments, she also provided me with so many tools and tips on how to get my periods/hormones back on track. By following her advice and making some lifestyle changes, I was able to improve my periods which then made it possible for me to start preparing for a baby. I continue to go to Amy for reflexology as it is something that i now feel is a priority in my overall wellbeing.” 

“I was in desperate need of some relaxation during my IVF journey. I was recommend to go to amy from a friend on mine before my IVF and it really was a lovely experience. Amy made the time for me in her diary to accommodate some sessions and stayed late to fit me in which i really appreciated. I went to Amy to relax and try something different but I left feeling empowered and more positive each time. She made me feel so comfortable and supported me in many ways before during and after my IVF. I got so much more out of my time with Amy than I was expecting. IVF and fertility is something so private but I have recommended Amy to anyone I know who is going through the same thing. I have been to reflexology before with another therapist but I highly suggest that anyone in Limerick looking for fertility reflexology should come here as my experience here was far better. 

Some Treatments available at

Inner Balance

  • Reflexology
  • Fertility Support Reflexology
  • Fertility Coaching & Support
  • Fertility Nutrition Advice 
  • IVF/IUI/ICSI Reflexology 
  • Maternity/Pregnancy Reflexology
  • Facial Reflexology and Zone Face Lift
  • Hormone Balance Support
  • Reiki Treatments & Training
  • Hopi Candle Therapy
  • NLP & QTT Techniques
  • Stress Management/Anxiety/Depression Relief
  • Online or Face to Face Consults available