79 Network Marketing Tips

Wes’s Way with Words!

As Simple as walking in the park!

One thing I’ve learnt is that we have got to keep learning..

Never can we say we know it all or we have all the skills/mindset training complete because life always challenges us.

I never used to read books until I started my business in 2013 and now I’m hooked. I try read and listen to audio CD’s to make sure I’m keeping my mind active! Some books are about our network marketing industry, others are about business, and then many books I choose tend to be about mindset and goal setting.

It’s hard to find a good book but when you know what you’re looking for its much easier!

Within our company we have our own trainings and then we have some outside experts come and share their recommendations for the latest books to give that extra support when at home!

My favourite book has to be one called 79 Network Marketing tips by Wes Linden. It’s a fun and simple book that gives so many practical tips and guidance on the mistakes to avoid making. I’m sorry this book wasn’t available when I started my business because it’s the main book/CD I recommend to all my team members! Wes has a simple and light hearted way with words and therefore it one of my favourite’s.

I love the way Wes gives short and quick tips on practical skills you need. His book is both essential and fun! You would be crazy not to get your hands on it if you are involved in Network Marketing.

To get your hands on Wes’s book you can buy it on Amazon: 79 Network Marketing tips by Wes Linden

Wes keeps things simple. Simple as walking in the park….

Don’t over complicate things!