Is your Period Normal_

We all know what its like to have that “monthly friend” pop into our life. For many women, having a period is completely taking over the life, mind and emotions. You may feel like your period is “normal” but this may not be the case. It may feel like its normal only because you dont know any different!!! So lets face it; we have a period approx 450 times in our lifetime which is accounts to 1350-4000 days of bleeding depending on how short or long your bleeds are!!! And if your like some women; you will suffer from PMS and Bleeding more anywhere from  7-15 days out of every month.  Thats alot of days feeling crap!!!!!

What is considered to be a normal/healthy period?

  • Your cycle should last 26-32 days – anywhere in between is potentially fine as long as it is regular and consistent for you.
  • Your bleed should be the colour of cranberry juice from start to finish, with no clots. A nice, strong, flow that isn’t inconveniently heavy and has you running to the bathroom every hour. Your period should really start first thing in the morning, without any brown stains leading up to the appearance of that cranberry red. And it should last 4-7 days, not longer or shorter.
  • You should be able to feel your uterus in action with some slight sensations or warm feelings, but there should not be any kind of pain that might have you reaching for drugs or hot water bottles.
  • After your period, leading up to ovulation, you should see the development of cervical fluid, which is an indicator of healthy fertility and necessary for getting pregnant. You might see this in your underwear or when you wipe after using the bathroom.
  • Rather than PMS, you should notice an increase in upbeat, social energy towards the middle of your cycle, that’s post-period, and then, in the second half of your cycle, a more focused, determined energy to get things accomplished.

If you experience a period that is the opposite of this – that is “un-perfect” shall we say? Then it is a good idea to speak to your healthcare provider or get in touch with us here at Inner Balance so we can give you some guidance on what may be happening with your cycle and what tests to ask your healthcare professional to carry out.

In my experience alot of General Practitioners tend to prescribe the Pill when you mention anything about your period being a nuisance but this is not the solution. The pill does not “fix” the problem nor does it treat the underlying condition. You need to be pro-active and get to the bottom of your symptoms and sometimes that means you need to get a little more “forward” with your GP. Don’t settle for a quick prescription of the Pill – instead get in touch with us and we will help to point you in the direction of improving your cycle naturally, making healthy lifestyle changes and approaching your GP with confidence. If you let your periods continue to be “unhealthy” or worse, if you pop the pill to hide your issues; then you are potentially damaging your long term hormonal health and fertility.

Always remember, that once you have the right information about how your body really works, you can start making health choices that finally start to work for you!  It is possible to have a gentle, easy going period that doesn’t get in the way of your career or general wellbeing.

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