Amy O Mara

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Advanced Reflexologist

NLP / QTT Practitioner

Energy Healing / Holistic Therapies

Empowering women to heal the their Body & Mind




Since 2011 I have been running my own Holistic Clinic where I treat (mainly woman) who are stressed, feeling “out of balance” or dealing with hormonal/fertility struggles. 

My work became focused on Womens Health & Fertility Support when I was diagnosed with “low” fertility at 27years of age. My egg count I was told was that of a 40 year old woman and I was advised by my Gyny to “hurry up” and start trying for a family. It was then my focus took a turning point and a I had a keen interest to learn about how I could support my Eggs/Fertility. It opened up my eyes to a huge amount of information that I was unaware of and was shocked that so many Nutrition and Lifestyle changes can positively support our Hormones & Fertility. Since then I know have many clients referred to me by well known Fertility Clinics. 

I have also been very lucky to work alongside corporate companies like Stryker, Regeneron and the University of Limerick where I have provided treatments and workshops to their staff.

I am passionate about Womens Health and I am on a mission to help women like me, get to the root of their issues, tidy up their diet & lifestyle to create better longterm health.

I have seen too many women suffer with ongoing health issues that have been left undiagnosed and unsupported.

In my opinion it can take a team of practitioners to achieve this & that is why I create a Holistic Health Care plan for individuals, and often guide them to the practitioners who are experts in certain areas.

Being pro-active about our health is a must and looking at “Integrative Health Care” is in my opinion the best approach for many of todays health & wellbeing challenges. 

For me, it is all about supporting our Body, Mind & Soul. Combining this “holistic” approach in all these areas is what can create balance. 

Amy x


Main Services:

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching.

  • For Women’s General Health (Example: weight, personal dietary analysis, teaching you how to eat/create a balanced approach to life
  • For Hormone Balance / Period Health 
  • For Fertility / Pre Conception Care

Holistic Treatments: 

  • Reflexology for General health.
  • Pregnancy / Maternity Reflexology.
  • Fertility / Reproductive Reflexology.
  • Facial Reflexology / Sculpt Face Lift.
  • Energy / Chakra Balancing Reiki. 
  • Hopi Ear Candle & Energy Healing 
  • Body Talk / Bioenergetic Therapy


Overview of Amy’s qualifications:

  • Diploma Nutrition with Institute of Health Science 
  • Diploma Reflexology ITEC
  • Diploma Anatomy & Physiology ITEC
  • Advanced Reproductive Reflexologist – Reproflexology Training with Barbara Scott
  • Pregnancy/Maternity Reflexology 
  • Integrative Womens Health Institute (Pre Conception Care & Optimum Fertility)
  • Reiki Master  / Energy Healing 
  • QTT / NLP Mind Body Medicine Practitioner
  • Body Talk Practitioner Module 1, 2 and 3
  • Hopi Candle Therapy & Indian Head Massage
  • Ongoing CPD training with Nutri Advanced 
  • Blood / Lab Test Reading Course
  • Mineral Mastery with Rick Fischer (currently training)
  • Personal Development / Mind Body Coaching
  • Corporate Wellness Stryker & Regeneron
  • Charity Work – The Hope Foundation

Always learning, always striving for more, always growing!

If you would like further info on the work i do,  please feel free to contact me for further details.