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Hi, Thanks for stopping by.

When I left school I thought my chosen career path would be a number of things! Childcare, Nursing, Vet Nursing but for some reason, none of them felt right. So, at the age of 20 and due to the recession’s effects on my partners profession, we decided to travel to Australia. We had an amazing time but I needed and wanted to return to Ireland to fulfil my career in Health and Wellness.

Due to a lack of career choices, I  didn’t know what direction to take and because of this I went into a dark place of feeling insecure and really concerned about my future.  That led me to learn about Holistic Therapies in 2009 which I fell in love with. In particular; therapies to support woman’s health and wellbeing. I have attended over 100 trainings, lectures, events and talks and love educating myself on all things related to health, holistic living and personal development.

Since 2012 I have been running my own Holistic Reflexology Clinic where I treat (mainly woman) who are stressed, unwell, in pain, pregnant or on a fertility journey.

Inner Balance Holistic Centre is a private venue based in Castleconnell Co Limerick and is accessible to people from all areas of Limerick, Clare and Tipperary. Surrounded by the countryside, it is a perfect environment for de-stressing and unwinding. 

My work became more focused on Womens Health & Fertility Support when I was diagnosed with low fertility at 27years of age. My egg count I was told was that of a 40 year old woman and I was advised by my Gyny to “hurry up” and start trying. So it was then my focus took a turning point and a keen interest to learn about how I could support my Eggs/Fertility and long term hormonal health. It opened up my eyes to a huge amount of information that I was unaware of and was shocked that so many things can be done to support our Hormones & Fertility. Both naturally and medically. It is fascinating and Im eager to educate people who are interested in learning.

Along with treating woman/couples, I also work with Special Needs and Intellectually Disabled clients. The clinic is wheelchair accessible and has a large waiting room for carers/parents to wait while the client/family member is treated.

I have also been very lucky to work alongside corporate companies like Stryker, Regeneron and the University of Limerick where I provide treatments and workshops to their staff.

I am passionate about Womens Health and I am on a mission to help women like me, get to the root of their issues. I have seen too many women suffer with ongoing health issues that have been left undiagnosed and unsupported and I am really eager to help women get the proper health care they need and deserve. In my opinion it takes a team of practitioners to achieve this & that is why I am eager to create a Holistic Health Care plan for individuals, and guide them to the practitioners who are experts in certain areas. Being Pro Active about our health is a must and looking for Integrative Health Care is in my opinion, the best approach for many of todays health & wellbeing challenges. It is absolutely all about Body, Mind & Soul so combining care in all these areas is what creates health! 

We all deserve to BE healthy, FEEL healthy and live a life of joy. 

Amy x


Some services provided at Inner Balance:

  • Reflexology
  • Pregnancy / Maternity Reflexology
  • Fertility Boosting Reflexology
  • Natural Fertility Coaching
  • Reflexology for Intellectual Disability
  • Reiki Treatments
  • Reiki Training
  • Hopi Ear Candle 
  • Facial Reflexology
  • Zone Face Lift 
  • Indian Head Massage – (unavailable for moment)
  • Allergy Testing & Nutritional Coach
  • Diet & Supplements Support
  • Forever Living Aloe Vera Products
  • Fertility Support Online Consultations
  • Nutritional Therapy & Lifestyle Coaching (Currently in training) 

Since 2009 I have worked with thousands of individuals one-to-one, private groups, online training corporate groups, schools, women’s groups, charities and the general public.

Overview of Amy’s Knowledge, experience and background:

  • Holistic Therapist & Advanced Reflexologist 
  • Reproductive Reflexologist 
  • Maternity Reflexology
  • Dip. Anatomy & Physiology
  • Student Integrative Womens Health Institute
  • Pre Conception Care & Optimum Fertility 
  • Fertile Body Method
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Previous Special Needs Teacher 
  • QTT Mind Body Medicine
  • Body Talk Energy Medicine
  • Personal Development
  • Women in Business Events
  • Public Speaking 
  • Corporate Wellness 
  • Business Coach & Mentor
  • Business Start up &  Development
  • Charity Work – The Hope Foundation

Always learning, always striving for more, always growing!

If you would like further info on the work i do,  please feel free to contact me for further details.