I am passionate about educating and empowering other women to nourish their mind body and soul. 

Whether your goal is to loose weight, learn about your personal nutrition requirements, get more variety into your diet or eat for optimum hormone and fertility health, then I can support you. 

Through a range of natural and medical approaches, I will help guide you to finding the root cause of your imbalances while teaching you how to eat and live for optimum health and vitality.

On-top of Nutrition & lifestyle coaching, I specialise in Reflexology and other Holistic Healing Modalities to offer an all round Holistic approach to health, hormone balance and fertility support.

How I Can help

General Health

Do you need more energy, want to find ways to support your stress and sleep, want to loose weight, improve your body composition, balance your blood sugars, understand what macros you should be aiming for, looking for personalised supplement advice or perhaps wish to create a healthier relationship with food for your and the whole family? Then Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching may be the solution. 

I offer practical guidance and support with dietary analysis, meal planning, goal setting and support on living a “well life”. 

I help teach individuals how they can make healthier diet and lifestyle choices with the aim of preventing or reducing the negative health effects of our modern lifestyles.

I will empower you how to live in a more mindful way and create a balance approach to living healthily & enjoying life. 


Hormonal Health

Are you struggling with PMS, PCOS, irregular cycles, mood swings, acne etc? Do you get “fobbed” off by your doctor when it comes to your hormones and frustrating symptoms?

Then I may be able to help. 

I have combined years of my own research, have dealt with my own hormone health challenges  along with countless hours of training in the Womens Wellness Industry to now offer 1-1 support to women who are looking for natural ways to support their body and their hormones. 

Through nutrition, lifestyle coaching and holistic treatments, I teach and support women on the importance of topics like blood sugar balance, stress management, nutrition for hormone balance, the importance of specific bloods, when to invest in functional lab tests etc.

I believe every woman should be empowered and educated to make choices to support their health, hormones and overall wellbeing. 


Prenatal & Fertility

Due to my own Fertility issues and Hormonal imbalances I have become invested in learning and exploring all things fertility related. 

I use a combination of Nutrition Support, Emotional / Mindset support and specialised Fertility Reflexology to support women in the pre conception phase. 

Experts say it takes at least 12 months to make a baby! 3 months prep with correct nutrition and lifestyle choices, and 9 months growing your baby. 

There is no doubt that what you do in the lead up to conceiving can have a positive impact on the overall health of your pregnancy and baby. 

I offer 1-1 support for people/couples:

  • Couples that plan to conceive soon and wish to create the best possible health prior to conceiving. (Ideally at least 4 months prior as it takes 3 months for egg/sperm health to benefit from nutrition and lifestyle habits
  • Couples who are already dealing with Fertility issues and wish to “tidy” up their diet and lifestyle to support a positive pregnancy naturally or prior to IUI/IVF.


Happy Clients

Amy is simply extraordinary. Thank you so much for your calm demeanour and thoughtful words. I cannot thank you enough for the care and support you provided. You have my maximum respect. I found you an amazing person who is full of love and commitment I want to appreciate you for who you are.

Iqra Mustafa

Nutrition & Reflexology Client 

“Thank you so much Amy! I have looked through this and I’m absolutely delighted with it. I’m ready to start implementing ASAP- and I have had a good chance to get to grips with My FP the last few days to track calories.  All my other supplements have arrived so I will start after my blood work with those and I will hope to get the Vitex from your herbalist. Thank you again. Your support has been exactly what I need at this point.”

E. Brosnan

Hormone Support / Nutrition & Lifestyle Client

Hi Amy, I hope you are doing well! Just wanted to give you a little update. I’m 15 weeks now and everything is going great thank god. We still feel so blessed and cannot believe our luck 👶🏼👶🏼
Just a message to tell you that I am so so grateful we connected all those months ago. At the time I was in such a vulnerable place and looking back I remember how emotional/ honest I felt I could be with you. Your guidance with, doctors, supplements, diet and of course reflexology treatments has without doubt brought us to where we are today. You were the first person (including doctors) I felt took my hypothyroid/ hashimotos seriously. Your advice on going gluten free and seed cycling worked wonders and pointing us in the direction of the right doctors has certainly paid off. You are so knowledgeable about so many aspects of women’s health and I hope you are proud of yourself and know how much you help people. You are truly made for this ❤️❤️  from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!

J. Griffin

Hormone Support, Nutritiona and Reflexology Client



What is the cost of working with you?

I work with clients in blocks of 8 weeks.

This involved a 1 hour consult via zoom where I gather all your information and goals.

After our consult I then feedback my findings and create a Nutrition and Lifestyle Support Plan for you to apply with regular check ins, tracking. monitoring and continued support throughout. 

The fee for this is €350.  


I am under the care of a gynaecologist / fertility clinic, can i still come to you?

Yes. I have medical professionals who refer women to me on an ongoing basis. As always I advice women to check with their healthcare provider before making any dietary or lifestyle changes but my work is non invasive and compliments most other forms of healthcare.  However in order for you to get full value out of working one to one with me, I advise that you have at least 12 weeks to apply my advice and support. 


Do you offer blood tests / functional lab testing?

Yes, But, I advice women to work with their GP & Clinic first to avail of the services available. I will help you regarding what labs to request if your find it difficult to get specific care from your doctor.

I often advise on certain lab tests outside of the GPs office to get a more “holistic” and integrative look at your nutritional status & hormone health if you are still not getting to the root of your concerns under the care of your general practitioner. 

I collaborate with private labs and other practitioners who can offer this advance level of testing and support to you who are exerts in womens health / hormones and fertility. 


I have PCOS. How can I benefit from your services?

PCOS is a complex condition however there are many simple ways to support and improve the symptoms. Finding the underlying cause of your PCOS is essential. You may benefit/improve your symptoms  by applying specific diet, lifestyle and holistic treatments to support. 


I am working with a personal trainer but looking for personalised nutrition and weightloss support. Can you help?

Yes. We will discuss your health, weightloss and fitness goals and I can work 1-1 with you to acheive results. 


Do you have a waiting list?

I dont have a waiting list as such but normally have a 4 – 6 week lead time for taking on new clients. I can often see people sooner depending on their needs and goals.