Fertility Reflexology Limerick

Pregnancy & Maternity Reflexology Limerick

Reflexology can benefit a woman at every stage of her pregnancy, from conception through all three trimesters, during labour and even post-partum. Regular reflexology treatments throughout pregnancy will support mothers-to-be by helping them to relax, relieve tension, reduce morning sickness, improve circulation, calm the mind, prepare for labour etc.   

Trimesters 1, 2, 3

It is safe to receive reflexology throughout all three trimesters.  Having reflexology throughout maternity care is a safe and preventative therapy which can help with the common symptoms and conditions that affect women whilst they are pregnant such as: 

  • morning sickness
  • aches and pains
  • energy/mood
  • anemia,
  • SPD/PGP,
  • heartburn,
  • varicose veins,
  • headaches,
  • fatigue
  • constipation,
  • cramping,
  • odema (swelling),
  • carpal tunnel syndrome,
  • insomnia,
  • anxiety/tension etc.

Priming for Labour and Childbirth

There is no evidence that reflexology will induce labour, however, it does help the body to relax at a stressful time and to reach the optimium level for when the body is ready to go into labour naturally.  After 38 weeks, certain reflexes are stimulated that are connected to the induction of labour to ensure that they are prepared for when the body is ready to begin the birth process.  Working these specific reflexes will never cause premature labour.  During labour, reflexology can help with the common concerns associated with childbirth such as regulating contractions, reducing pain, backache, helping with urination/bowel movement, releasing retained placenta, normalising breathing and as a basic touch therapy for reassurance and comfort. 

Post-Natal Care

Reflexology can also help to restore balance and boost recovery in the post-natal period by helping with:


  • aching joints

  • caesarean section aftercare

  • after foreceps delivery

  • after epidural anaesthesia

  • backache

  • breast engorgement and mastitis

  • lactation – improving milk production and quality

  • fatigue

  • perenial pain

  • post natal blues

  • post natal depression

  • urination difficulties


“I attended Amy for reflexology for the 1st 12 weeks on a weekly basis during my second pregnancy as I suffer terribly with all day sickness during my pregnancies and I found I was getting relief for a few days after each session at the start and then finding the relief from the sickness was lasting a week at a time. I found great relief from the sickness compared to my first pregnancy when I didn’t attend reflexology. I am now attending monthly which is definitely helping with sleep and fluid retention. I would highly recommend Amy, I find her extremely professional and very knowledgeable and passionate about her profession.” S.Cooke Murroe Co Limerick

Contraindications to having reflexology whilst pregnant

There are a few conditions considered to be contraindications to having reflexology whilst pregnant: Inner balance voucher

  • Fulminating Pre-eclampsia

  • Hydroamniosis (after 32 weeks)

  • Placenta Previa – if Grade III or IV after 32 weeks)

  • Oligohydramnios 

  • Threatened pre-term labour 

Two recent studies have shown that reflexology during pregnancy significantly reduced pain during labour (1), reduced the length of the first stage of labour (1) and improved the quality of sleep in post-natal women (2)

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  2. Li C-Y et al (2011) Randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of using foot reflexology to improve quality of sleep amongst post partum women. Midwifery 27. P. 181-186 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/195778