The South African trip was amazing. If you’re an animal/nature lover like me then you will love it. Its so so beautiful.  And if you love being on the coast near the sea then you will love it for its breath taking views! The people, the food, the hotel, the safari! Everything was perfect!

This is one of the trips that our company paid for and my god did they treat us.

We got picked up in our own private car and chauffeured to our stunning Da Vinci Hotel in the middle of Johannesburg. We stayed here for 5 nights and then headed off to Cape Town and the famous Krugar National park for a 3 day safari that was  also 5 star!!

We picked up a cheque for over $8000 which was in our bank account when we came home! How amazing to go away for 2 weeks and come home to more money in your account. Again, this shows how generous our company is and how they put me and the others thousands of business owners first!

We were wined and dined, got top class training, mingled with the top leaders and got to visit Nelson Mandela’s museum.

The highlight of the trip for me was getting to see the animals on safari and then being able to take a private helicopter ride over the stunning coast of cape town! Never in a million years did I ever think I would be able to travel and experience the world like I have been in the last two years. I’m forever grateful to our company for the constant incentives, support and rewards to give to us because without these amazing trips every year, I would not be seeing the world like I am.

Thank you Rex for your vision and havint the courage to start the company in 1978! You have given ordinary people like m a chance to become more, travel more and help others.

You can enjoy some images at the bottom of this page.

I’m forever grateful!