Summer Sessions & Fun With Team

We all take some time off during the summer months because that’s the beauty of the business. Work hard for 3-5 years and you can then take lots and lots of time off and still earn a fantastic living. Here are some of the team that we met up with in July.

Instead of just meeting up for some training we decided to take a day trip to Salthill in Galway, get some coffee, buns and ice cream! Then we all met up in the kitchen to run through some of the team’s achievements and to get some planning in place for the rest of the year.  I love going to Galway because we get to meet up with some like minded women and men who are all building their own business’s with us. I am so lucky to be working and coaching such lovely people from all walks of life who are eager to learn.

We don’t have to travel much when building this business because a lot of our trainings can be done online but I love meeting people face to face and chatting over a tea or coffee! Plus- if I was at home all day everyday I would go mad

I love working from home and having full flexibility on when I want to work; but its nice to be able to get out, see some of the countryside and meet other people who can inspire and help me to become a better coach.

I love my job.