Do you want to know the reasons why some people struggle to see results when it comes to weightloss?

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Have you ever wondered why so many of us end up yo-yo dieting for years and can go from being super fit and in great shape, to putting the weight back on?

It is really common for people to be “good” and then loose track of themselves a few weeks later which results in them gaining the weight they lost while “on plan”. This is so frustrating and can happen for years until you identify what is going wrong.

I get it, because I too have been dealing with weight fluctuations for years and have struggled to keep my weight off “easily”.

I’m not a naturally thin person and I LOVE my food so knowing how to create long term change and habits is of course what I want & what I want for clients. .

Interesting – only approx. 20% of dieters maintain their weight loss after 5 years!!!! (Ohsiek & Williams, 2021)

Its only since I started training as a Nutritionist & an EIQ nutrition coach that I have come to learn some of the reasons behind why our typical approach to diets often fail for some people.

Learning this has made a significant difference to my outlook on diets in general and my coaching when it comes to weight loss & body composition.

In the video below I will discuss the common reasons for diets to “fail” and why people do not get the results they want. 

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