Holistic Health & Wellness for women.

With over 10 years experience in Health & Wellness; Amy is passionate about empowering & educating women to look & feel the best version of themselves.

Combining a range of Holistic Therapies, Nutrition & Mindset Modalities, Amy can support you to find more balance & health in your life

Specialising in Womens Health | Hormones | Fertility Support | PCOS.

Available for 1-1 Consults & Online.




Create better habits with your diet. 

Learn how to eat for your body.

Supplement do’s and donts.

Personalised nutritional analysis. 

Learn about your daily needs. 

Loose Weight / Support Hormones

Prepare for Pregnancy.

Post Natal Dietary Support. 


Learn how support your health and hormones through Nutrition & Lifestyle.

Apply tailored nutrition to suit your body and your health goals.  

Learn how to nourish your body and mind to support Fertility. 

Educate and empower yourself about lab tests / blood results to support female health. 


Visit Amy’s private room for some self care and healing. 

Help your body by balancing your internal and external energy system. 

Release block emotions. 

Clear blocked energy. 

Support your physical, mental and emotional health.



Allow healing to happen. 


“Could not recommend Amy enough I went to her for pregnancy reflexology and it got me through the few months with little or no aches due to it and it was lovely to have a bit of me time in a very relaxing environment. Highly recommend it to any one who is pregnant that thinks she might struggle with a sore back etc. well worth trying” Jen Clancy

I found Amy to be very supportive and her knowledge on nutrition is next to none. I feel with my issues such as hormones etc she is the best person to be in touch with.

She is so knowledgable in her field and I really trust her with my health.


“I attended Amy for reflexology for the 1st 12 weeks on a weekly basis during my second pregnancy as I suffer terribly with all day sickness during my pregnancies and I found I was getting relief for a few days after each session at the start and then finding the relief from the sickness was lasting a week at a time. I found great relief from the sickness compared to my first pregnancy when I didn’t attend reflexology. I am now attending monthly which is definitely helping with sleep and fluid retention. I would highly recommend Amy, I find her extremely professional and very knowledgeable and passionate about her profession.” S.Cooke Murroe Co Limerick