Mind Body Soul Clinic in Limerick.

Amy specialises in Womens Health, Hormonal Support, Reflexology for Fertility & Holistic Facial Reflexology

With over 10 years experience in Holistic Health, Amy is passionate about supporting women to look & feel the best version of themselves.

Available for 1-1 Consults & Online.



Amy owns and manages a busy Holistic and Reflexology Clinic (Inner Balance Holistic Centre) in Limerick.  Based in Castleconnell, the clinic is easily accessible to parts of Limerick, Clare, Cork and Tipperary. Day and evening appointments are available along with corporate and special events. Amy is particularly interested in Women’s Health, Hormone Balancing & Reflexology for Pregnancy & Fertility Related Health. She is passionate about bridging the gap between conventional & holistic medicine. 

Consultations & Fertility Support is available online for those outside of Limerick.

Treatments are covered by all major Health Insurances.


“I would highly recommend Amy at Inner Balance Holistic Centre, I had a few treatments over a number of weeks and found a huge improvement in my well being, happiness, inner calm. Amy is always very professional, extremely friendly and always makes you feel comfortable immediately. I look forward to my next treatment!” C.Moylan Co Limerick

“Could not recommend Amy enough I went to her for pregnancy reflexology and it got me through the few months with little or no aches due to it and it was lovely to have a bit of me time in a very relaxing environment. Highly recommend it to any one who is pregnant that thinks she might struggle with a sore back etc. well worth trying” Jen Clancy

“I definitely did enjoy my treatment and there is a huge improvement where I had the trapped nerve so am very happy indeed about that! As you had advised, I found the treatment quite different to my other experiences of reflexology, but I did enjoy it and felt that you were stretching out a lot of tension from my feet. The areas around my ankles that I found sore corresponded to where I had the pain and as I say, it has been much better since” C. O Dwyer Castletroy Limerick

“I attended Amy for reflexology for the 1st 12 weeks on a weekly basis during my second pregnancy as I suffer terribly with all day sickness during my pregnancies and I found I was getting relief for a few days after each session at the start and then finding the relief from the sickness was lasting a week at a time. I found great relief from the sickness compared to my first pregnancy when I didn’t attend reflexology. I am now attending monthly which is definitely helping with sleep and fluid retention. I would highly recommend Amy, I find her extremely professional and very knowledgeable and passionate about her profession.” S.Cooke Murroe Co Limerick



“I first met Amy in 2014 at a business conference that both of us were guest speakers at. I was so impressed that a girl in her early 20’s had the confidence to stand up and train a room of 200 people, the majority of which were older than her! It was truly inspiring.
I have watched Amy grow personally and professionally over the last few years and have witnessed her impact the lives of hundreds of people around the world. She has an infectious personality that is authentic and up-lifting which in my eyes is a special characteristic to naturally have. Amy is a fantastic leader who works tirelessly to give her clients the support they need so its of no surprise to me that she is a successful business woman and team leader.”

Emma Cooper

“Working alongside Amy has been life changing. She is an incredibly inspiring lady, infinitely generous with her time and very passionate about helping others achieve their goals in health and business. Amy’s encouragement and support has been fundamental to the success of my business. With the help of her dedicated mentoring I have been able to grow my business from home while taking care of my two young children. I cannot thank Amy enough for sharing this opportunity with me!”

Shauna O Connor

“For someone so young, Amy O’Mara is a thorough professional!
Her impact on my life, both personally and professionally, has been phenomenal.
Her determination, focus and work ethic inspires those around her, including me, to challenge ourselves more, to step out of our comfort zones and to become more! I would highly recommend her.

Finola Gallagher


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